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Welcome back to a new season at Rasa Yoga!
Most teachers will be coming back this week and we are doing our best to have the whole schedule up and running. Some classes will be replaced by another teacher, they are all wonderful with knowledge to share so we hope you keep an open heart and mind and enjoy.  
Monday 31 August
09.30 Cathy is replaced by Baptiste Marceau
10.00 Sorry to say Arnaud's class is cancelled
11.30 Niki will do her own and Flo's class in the big room
13.00 Renny is replaced by Nico. It will be an aligned class in lovely Nico fashion
18.30 Patrick is replaced by Baptiste Marceau
Mardi 1 Septembre
10.00 hatha flow 1/2 replaced by Niki (english)
11.30 vinyasa 1/2 replaced by Niki (english)
13.00 alignement 1 replaced by Anais
18.30 alignement 2 replaced by Baptiste 
Mercredi 2 Septembre
10.00 hatha flow replaced by Silke
11?30 yoga initiation replaced by Niki
15.00 hatha flow 1/2 replaced by Silke
17.00 hatha yoga tn replaced by Nico
18.00 ashtanga remix 1/2 replaced by Baptiste 
19.30 iyengar annullé/cancelled
20.05 hatha flow 1/2 replaced by Niki 
Looking forward to see you all! 

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