le massage est une forme ancienne

de soins qui décontracte les muscles,

apaise les tensions, équilibre le corps

et calme l'esprit.

à rasa nous proposons

une sélection de soins

holistiques qui répondent

à tous vos besoins



rasa ABHYANGA AKSHIABHYANGA AKSHI This treatment combines all the positive effects of abhyanga with those of kansu bowl massage, where the back are massaged with the traditional five-metal kansu bowl, inducing deep relaxation. 75min à 95

rasa UDWARTANAUDWARTANA Udwartana is a draining massage that deeply cleanses the skin. An herbal Ayurvedic mixture of chickpea flour and clay is applied to the entire body and deeply massaged into the skin. This herbal mixture helps eliminate toxins and is useful for toning the skin and revitalizing the sense of touch. A strong yet relaxing massage that concentrates on those areas of the body that are in need of revitalising. is applied all over the body and deeply massaged into the skin. This herbal mixture helps to eliminate toxines. It is useful for toning the skin and revitalizes the sense of touch A la fois tonique et dÈcontractant, ce massage insiste sur les parties du corps qui ont besoin. 45min à 95


rasa ESALEN MASSAGEESALEN MASSAGE A calming and spiritual massage experience that counterbalances exhaustion and soothes an overstressed nervous system. This holistic full body massage goes beyond the physical and allows one to achieve deep relaxation, health and well being. Focused, mindful touch, using long strokes, combined with Swedish massage techniques; gentle rocking and stretching, passive joint movement and the healing power of acupressure applied with a stress relieving aromatherapy blend will relieve tension and stiffness, strengthen your immune system and realign your body. Esalen massage is a soft, effective way of bringing balance back into your life. This gentle soothing massage leaves you feeling centred and balanced with increased body awareness. 75min à 90

rasa LOMI-LOMI HAWAIIAN MASSAGELOMI-LOMI A luxurious massage ritual that employs ancient and modern Hawaiian techniques to restore balance to the body, mind and soul. Lomi-Lomi is a treatment of tranquillity, a sensory journey towards vitality and smoothness. Indulge in the delicate scents of this warm oil massage. The flowing wave-like rhythmic movements will ease tensions and melt/rinse energy blockages. Harmony and inner balance will be re-established, allowing healing to take place on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This massage promotes lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins. Through Lomi-Lomi your energy flow will be rebalanced, you will leave with a general feeling of inner peace and well-being, feeling relaxed and calm yet energized and alert. 75min à 95


rasa REFLEXOLOGYREFLEXOLOGY The foot is said to reflect your body as a whole. By applying finger pressure and massage techniques to specific acupressure points located on your feet that correspond to related glands, organs and systems of the body, this massage dissolves blocked energy, removes toxins, releases tension, improves circulation, renews body balance and promotes overall wellbeing. Rebalance and enliven your whole body. 60min à 70

rasa THAI FOOT MASSAGETHAI FOOT MASSAGE Thai Foot Massage originates from a 3000 year old Chinese and Thai massage tradition. This ancient art of natural, spiritual healing is taught today in the temples of Thailand. Reflex points in the feet and the lower legs, which correlate to individual body organs are stimulated by fingers and hands as well as a wooden stick dipped in a healing cream and oil mixture using the essential oils of menthol and camphor. Activating these reflexes helps to release toxins and tension, improves circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage, rebalancing and renewing being and spirit. 50min à 70